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A: Commodity name: Roast injector, (turkey injector, seasoning injector, food injector)veterinary injector

specifiation: 1OZ(ounce) 2OZ (ounce)
primary Material :high diaphaneity PP
seal piston: nature rubber
Package : PE bag, blister card
Packing: 1OZ600sets/carton , 2OZ450sets/carton
carton size: 580450450mm
Note: The printing scale lines and LOGO can be made according to the customer demand.


A1: Product name: roast needle, turkey needle, food needle, flavor needle, Rock needle
Specification: 3.075mm , 3.080mm
Material stainless steel SUS304
Packing: 1000pcs/box, 10000pcs/carton
carton size: 300270380mm
Note: The size, the length can be made according to the customer request.

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